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  • Naturally committed

    We get involved in the everyday lives of people to offer them that little something extra that can make all the difference. Through our products and actions, we encourage respect of the environment and communities throughout the world. Our local involvement and global vision nourish both our pride and our commitment.

    Beauty in nature

    Nature is overflowing with plants rich in benefits, beauty and pure pleasure. It is at the heart of this global garden that we harvest the best the plant world has to offer. Of course, extracting a plant’s precious active ingredients without compromising its purity or integrity is of utmost importance—which is why a complex, painstaking and planet-friendly process is necessary to ensure that a maximum of top-quality, fresh and safe botanical extracts are used in the development of our products. We believe that mineral oil and animal extracts simply do not belong in the products we sell in our stores.

    Only the highest standards

    We believe in science and our suppliers, and require them to provide clinical and toxicological information proving that all of our ingredients are safe and planet-friendly. Our products are subject to the highest standards in effect in the countries where they are distributed.

    Live and let live

    Another of our values is respect—for all things! We verify the origin of active ingredients from developing countries to ensure adherance to top-quality extraction processes and respect for natural resources. This is part of our commitment to the environment and local communities and economies, and we call it ethical and authentic harvesting. We also care about animals, which means that none of our finished products are tested on animals. At Fruits & Passion, we’re committed to living and letting live!

    Minimizing our footprint

    Our formulas are subject to rigorous biodegradability testing, which is indicated on the packaging for tested products. Much of our packaging is designed to be reused or repurposed as decorative accessories. Our glass bottles can be reused thanks to refills to help them last longer. And because we support responsible forest management, ever since 2008 the boxes for our Eaux de Toilette have been gradually replaced with cardboard that guarantees minimal and sustainable harvesting of our forests.

    *  The Forest Stewardship Council ensures respect for the forest and workers’ rights.  
    **  At Fruits & Passion, ethical and authentic harvesting means guaranteed ingredient origin, responsible resource management and support for local economies. 
    ***  The Targanine Cooperative helps women by giving them access to stable income and oversees reforestation of the argan tree, which combats erosion and desertification. 


    Fruits & Passion is associated with Habitat for Humanity, an organization that provides affordable housing to families in need.


    The harvesting and extraction of buriti oil is carried out by cooperatives and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council*.


    Argan oil is ethically and authentically harvested** and supports the Targanine*** cooperative.


    Apple and peach extracts are ethically and authentically harvested**.

    Burkina Faso

    Shea butter is ethically and authentically harvested**.


    The mango butter used in several of our products is ethically and authentically harvested**.


    Monoï of Tahiti is ethically and authentically harvested** and helps preserve Polynesian traditions.