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Ambiance Room Spray

75 ml - Ambiance

Melody in White

Infuse your home with a fragrance that exudes notes of warmth and elegance.

This exclusive and sophisticated Room Spray is made with a water-based formula instead of the more commonly used solvents. It’s easy on the air and minimizes harmful emissions while infusing your home with fragrance. What’s more, this stunning bottle contains no colorants, DE/DEH phthalates, formaldehyde or benzene.


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Size: 75 ml


Melody in White evokes purity and intimacy. For tranquil surroundings with feminine flair, this fragrance featuring orchid and white lily floral notes evokes a gorgeous bouquet that adds the perfect finishing touch.

Melody in white
This ambiance room spray is water-based

Fruits & Passion is committed to conducting business in a manner that attempts to manage environmental issues responsibly.

  • Its cutting edge formula is easy on of the air we breathe and minimize harmful emissions without compromising on fragrance quality or strength
  • Contains no colorant, DE/DEH phatlate, formaldehyde or benzene
  • Product not tested on animals
  • No animal-source ingredients
  • Recyclable and reusable glass bottle
  • Box printed on FSC-certified cardboard with plant-based ink

How to use

Spray into the air around your home.

Floors may be slippery after use.

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